Belcastro Literary Agency

Along with her freelance editorial business, Kaitlyn Johnson is a literary agent with Belcastro Literary Agency. Below, you can find her published titles as well as her wishlist for submissions.

Please note, any freelance projects Kaitlyn takes on will not be considered by her at Belcastro, as that is a conflict of interest. You may, however, query another agent at that agency.



Currently acquiring:

- Graphic novels - all ages/genres

Upper MG
- Really on the hunt for more Contemporary; also eager for fantasy, Horror (more creepy dolls and curses, less blood and guts), and Historical

Young Adult
- Fantasy (all subgenres), Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Historical, Paranormal (ghosts, witches, and vampires if unique; looking for new legends/creatures)

- Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical, Contemporary Romance

I do NOT accept:

Chapter/Picture Books
Romantic Suspense
Novellas/Poetry/Short Story Collections
Stories heavily dependent on religious motives/events/themes
Stories heavily dependent on rape, drug or physical abuse
Stories focusing on Henry VIII, Shakespeare, American Civil War, or Greek gods/myths